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BARBADOS 2010 bottle with box

Barbados 2010

Distilled: 2010
Age: 11 Years (8 tropical, 3 continental)
Bottled: 2021
Natural Colors: Yes
Cask type: Refill bourbon cask
7A FOURSQUARE: 63.8 % (cask strength) – 264 bottles
7B FOURSQUARE: 64.3 % (cask strength) – 276 bottles

Barbados Island is tightly connected to the history of rums and is generally known as a cradle of the Caribbean rum. Already during the 17th century, the farmers started to focus on sugar cane that gradually replaced cotton and tobacco plants. First records of the sugar cane distillate in Barbados date back to 1640. Unfortunately, there were no tools to control and influence the final quality of the product back in the days and that is why they called the distillate “Kill Devil“ (or “Kill-Divell“). They have described the drink as sharp, devilish, and miserable liquor of very poor quality. The sugar cane distillate called “Rum“ was first mentioned in Barbados in connection to the lease contract to the land in the area of St. Phillip from 1650. A long time passed since then and Barbados rum has nowadays a very iconic reputation and the status of one of the best rums in the world.

Foursquare Distillery is set in a southeast corner of the island and its history is tight to a Seale family who has been creating, blending, and distributing rums for many generations now. It was back in 1926 when Reginald Leon Seale has founded R L Seale & Co. in Bridgetown and started a business with spirits. The law prohibited the distilleries to sell the rum in less than 10 gallons quantity back then (Rum Duty Act, 1906) and this has prevented the distilleries from selling the rums to the end customers. This newly established company was buying rums in large quantities, then blended them and sold them under the new label R.L. Seale.

The Seale family prospered well during the 20th century and they have managed to extend their portfolio with brands like Old Brigand, Taylor‘s Falernum, and Doorlys which were originally owned by companies ESA Field and Alleyne Arthur. 

It was in 1995 when Sir David Seale who was directing the family business back then has decided to take a risk and has bought an old estate with plantations and a sugar refinery. Historical records have been mentioning the sugar cane plantations in this location already during the 16th century and the oldest building in a newly bought property has dated back to 1636. The Seale family has decided to rebuild the whole estate into a modern rum distillery which they have opened and introduced to the world in 1996. They named it “Foursquare“ after the nearby four-squared pond. David Seale‘s son, Richard Seale, has joined the family business in 1993 and continues the tradition of high quality, authenticity, and transparent presentation of their products. His devotion to the motto “We do it Right“ is relentless and is also proudly written on their storage wall. The distillery operates modern equipment for continuous and pot still distillation to produce a wide range of lighter and heavier rums. All of their final products are presented as a blend of these two distillation methods. The distillery itself (as well as its rums) has gained a large number of international awards – such as the “Rum Producer of the Year“ award which it has won six times since 2016.

Please accept our invitation and enjoy this unique Single Cask originating from the true birthplace of the Caribbean rums 
– Barbados Island.


NOSE: Vanilla, Chocolate, Bourbon, Pineapple Juice, Coffee, Burnt Oak, Cane Sugar, Caramel 
TASTE: Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Burnt Oak 

Flavour profile BARBADOS 2010

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