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UITVLUGT 2012 bottle with box

Uitvlugt 2012

Distilled: 2012
Age: 11 years (0 tropical, 11 continental)
Bottled: 2023
Natural Colors: Yes
Cask type: Recycled rum cask
ABV: 62.7 % (cask strength) – 211 bottles

County Demerara in Guyana has been connected to rum history since the 17th century for its sugar production, that goes back to circa 1658. In 1670, each sugar factory had their own little distillery built next to it. There were over 300 estates in Guyana by 1780 producing their own rums from molasses. In the late 18th century these estates started to fuse due to a dramatic drop in the price of sugar and also to the new tax system. This continuous fusing has resulted in only 9 functional distilleries in 1942. Uitvlugt distillery was one of those last standing Mohicans.

The name Uitvlugt (pronounce “eye-flut“) comes from the surname of the Dutch settler Ignatius Charles Bourda Uitvlugt who owned a sugar plantation in this area in 18th century. This plantation carries his name as well as the sugar mill, the distillery, and the nearby village. The acronym ICBU (his name initials) is still to be found on certain rum bottles produced in this distillery. The plantation was founded sometimes between 1759 and 1776 for sugar and coffee plants and it was used purely for sugar cane since 1838. The Uitvlugt distillery set in the middle of the neverending plantations on the west side of the Demerara river was first mentioned in the end of the 18th century. The distillery flourished even through the thin times and a new sugar mill that supplied molasses to the distillery was built in 1871 (the sugar mill exists till nowadays). During the merging of the estates the distillery equipment was moved from the closed to the functional distilleries which gave Uitvlugt the perk of owning many different distillation stills at the beginning of the 20th century, and therefore to make many varieties of rums – from light to heavy ones. The most versatile still from all of them was “French Savalle Still“ installed in 1921 (another one in 1980) and which was able to produce up to 9 different types of rums including the ones from long lost distilleries such as Skeldon, Albion, La Bonne Intention and Blairmont.

In 1974 the Guyana government has started to privatize sugar plantations and distilleries in order to create one large united company – Guyana Liquor Corporation (now called Demerara Distillers Ltd. or DDL) with only one functional distillery, which eventually became Diamond. The merging process has been accomplished in December 1999 when even the Dutch distillery Uitvlugt closed down. 

The legacy of this unique distillery still lives in its distillation stills, which, after being relocated to the Diamond distillery, keeps producing rum named after its origin distillery. It is this single cask that belongs among the modern bearers of this name and offers all the fans the taste of the rum from the distillery that sadly no longer exists. Yet, its heart, strong and fearless, still beats. All thanks to the craftsmanship and skills of the DDL master distillers.

“The king is dead, long live the king!“


NOSE: Vanilla, Honey, Propolis, Oak, Dried Fruit, Citruses, Herbs, Polish, Grass, Cocoa Beans
TASTE: Technical, Oily, Burnt Oak, Grass, Coffee, Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Unripe Banana

Flavour profile UITVLUGT 2012

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