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Uitvlugt 1999 Bottle

Uitvlugt 1999

Uitvlugt, such a unique distillery closed down in the end of 1999. Its name and long origins go hand in hand with the first settlers of the Demerara river banks in Guyana. You have an excellent opportunity to taste one of their last products, 21 years old rum full of herbal tones, citrus flavour and chocolate vibes.

Hampden 2005 Bottle

Hampden 2005

Our rum from Hampden Estate surprises you with the scent and taste of vanilla well combined with tropical fruits. You will find the true reflection of the Jamaican colourful wilderness and the untamed Jamaican character together with the craftsmanship of the local distillers. If you are looking for the legendary Jamaican funk, you are in the right place.

New Yarmouth 1994 Bottle

New Yarmouth 1994

New Yarmouth Distillery is well known for its best-seller in Jamaica – Wray & Nephew. When you treat their spirit with the best quality oak barrel, unique Jamaican climate and enough time, it can result in a very smooth, pleasant, and naturally sweet Rum Shark. 

Clarendon 2006 Bottle

Clarendon 2006

Jamaican Clarendon provides impressive production capacity and makes severe variations of rum. Part of its production is for the world-leading brands and the other part is kept in its warehouses to mature for the rum enthusiasts. We are delighted to deliver an excellent mix of sweet tones, fruit, and real Jamaican funk. 


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Our Rum Shark rums finally heading to you!

After 9 long month Rum Shark rums are on their way to rum folks in Czech Republic. And we have our website. We would like to thank to all our fans and supporters. And we all are looking forvard to our…

Rums for the second filling are chosen

This Friday, we have received 14 samples to choose from for our second bottling. We worked very hard the whole weekend to test all of them and today we have chosen four future Rum Shark rums.  Th…

First Rum Shark samples are on their way to you

During this week, the samples of the first four Rum Sharks will reach a few of the chosen rum-enthusiasts. We cannot wait to hear their opinion and we hope that they will share our excitement with us.…

Rum Shark – proud partner of the Czech rum community

Rum is not just about the lifestyle, rum is mainly about the community itself. And it is no secret or surprise that the Rum Shark project was created thanks to the cooperation between the rum community and the Ultra Premium Brands company. We believe the best way to be aware of the needs and wishes of the community is to make the community an inseparable part of the creation process. Being the first independent Czech rum bottler, the key idea for us is to offer not only unique rums from all around the world but also to care about their authenticity, transparency of their origin, and especially the price/quality ratio. Our main priority will always be to delight the hearts of Czech rum enthusiasts like us. And we would take pride in extending this delight to the rum fans across the borders as well. 

What else to say? That the best evaluation of our work and the greatest honour for us is you enjoying and sharing the rum in the company of your family and friends you love and care about. That is our greatest goal of all – to connect people through our rums and to amplify unforgettable moments you share together. There is no perfect rum, what makes it perfect is the company that shares and enjoys the experience. We all know that the bottles change with time, but memories of those amazing moments will remain forever. 

May the Rum God brings you as many of such great shared memories as possible.

(The whole) Rum Shark Team

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Great rums, i am so happy to have them!


Thank you for this bottling. I think you choose well.


Hats off guys. Every rum bottler would be proud to have such a lineup.


These rums are absolutely amazing. Hatts off to whole Rum Shark team.


Thank you for these great bottlings for our community.











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