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THE GREAT BLUE HOLE bottle with box

The Great Blue Hole

Age: NAS (tropical)
Bottled: 2022
Natural color: Yes
Cask type: Ex-Bourbon cask
ABV: 65.5 % (cask strength)

Rum Shark is entering a new era with this edition. An era full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. We managed to obtain large supplies of rum and decided to transport and store them for aging here in the Czech Republic. All these rums are from Belize. As one of the most beautiful countries on the east coast of Central America, it offers the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere (with its length of almost 300 km), an extraordinary natural ecosystem, the tallest waterfall in Central America (Thousand Foot Falls), phenomenal karst sink Blue Hole and also the ruins of pyramids and other ancient buildings from the Mayan civilization hidden in the wild jungle. Here in Belmopan city, you can find Travellers distillery from which the rums for this edition originate.

The story of the Travellers company and the distillery started to be written in the 1950s. It was 1953 when Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr. decided to open a humble bar in Belize City. The majority of his guests have just either arrived or been leaving Belize City so he named the bar “Travellers”. In his bar, he offered many varieties of imported liquors, beers, and also local rums. It was very common back in the time, that the small bars were creating their own blends out of the locally produced rums. Jamie Omario wasn’t an exception. His products became very popular over time and sought after which made him focus on the consistency of the quality.

Due to the growing competition, it was harder to get the desired quality of the rum bases for the blends (in the 60s and 70s the rum was even imported from Barbados). Because of that Don Jaime Omario joined with Luis Alberto Espat and they built a distillery in Belmopan town which inherited the name Travellers.

We brought the rums from this distillery to the Czech Republic and Rudolf Jelinek company became our partner for further aging – one of the most famous Czech companies in the field of alcohol production operating since 1891 when Zikmund Jelínek founded the distillery in Vizovice town. The company has offered us their storage premises as well as necessary skills, know-how, and the knowledge of further steps that are part of the process. These steps include everything from regular aging control to cask management and bottling of the final product.

And so thanks to the cooperation with the Rudolf Jelinek company a new era is on the rise for the Rum Shark brand. This era will be full of indelible Czech footprint in all of our products. Primarily it will be diverse and full of discoveries. Discoveries that have their origin in Central America, however, their maturation will be influenced by different casks from the various countries and different spirits. All this is going to happen in the fertile Zlin region at the territory of the Vizovice hills. 

In this first bottling from the edition called “Era of Discovery”, you can find the very origins of it all. Pure, natural and at barrel strength. Straight from Belize where it was resting and aging in barrels after the bourbon.

We ourselves do not know where this journey will take us but in this case, it is as the saying goes “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”  Please, take this as a sincere invitation from the whole Rum Shark Team to be part of our journey and participate with us in all our discoveries and surprises that are waiting for us in the near future without any doubt.

Flavour profile THE GREAT BLUE HOLE

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