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SALTO ANGEL 47 % bottle with box

Salto Angel 47 %

Distilled: 2009
Cask aging: 12 years (tropical)
Bottled: 2022
Natural color: Yes
Cask type: Refill oak cask
ABV: 47 %

Welcome to Venezuela, whose official name is The “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. The name is a diminutive of the Italian city Venezia (Venice). You might know Venezuela for its beautiful sandy beaches or large national parks full of a wide range of fauna and flora. Or perhaps you have heard of the flat top mountain called Roraima. Famous is also lake Maracaibo which is about 20 to 36 million years old and is the most active area for lightning cumulation in the world. This phenomenon is called Catatumbo and can reach up to approximately 28 lightning strikes per minute. Another natural phenomenon known as Kerepakupai Merú in the language of the indigenous Pemon people meaning “waterfall of the deepest place” – known as Salto Ángel in Spanish (Angel Falls) is the tallest waterfall in the world. Named after an American aviator and adventurer James Crawford Angel who discovered the waterfall in 1933. Salto Ángel on the Gauya river (which flows into the Churun river, then Carrao and finally the Caroní which is one of the large tributary of the Orinoco river) has the height of 979 meters and uninterrupted downfall of 807 meters. The water falls over the edge of the Auyán-Tepuí mountain (Devil´s House mountain), and with its summit area of 666,9 km2, it belongs among the largest ones in the world.

Salto Ángel waterfall became an ambassador for our very first rum from Venezuela. The beginnings of this rum date back to the end of the 18th century when an estate producing coffee, cocoa, and sugar cane was founded in the mountainous area of northern Venezuela. The rum production began in 1830s and thanks to this holds the title of the oldest rum in Venezuela. Nowadays this independent family company is run by the fifth generation who oversees the traditional processes and proudly labels all their products with the mark “Ron de Venezuela”.

The company is in charge of all the rum production processes (from the harvest of the sugar cane to the bottling itself). Molasses is fermented using the Saccharomyces cerevisiae type of yeast and for the distillation are used mostly multi-column stills in which a wide range of spirits is produced – from the light to the heavy ones. Mostly ex-bourbon American White Oak barrels are used for the aging but you can also find barrels from the French Oak in which other Noble Spirits were previously aged. The spirit is diluted to 70 % ABV before it is filled into the casks for ageing.

This is a rum that was distilled and aged in Venezuela under the label of Distribuidora Sofa Company. The rum gained many prizes in international competitions and even nowadays has its place among the best world rums. 

Let the unique and layered character built up and develop in your glass.  Pure character that can only be achieved by hard work, first-class care, and loads of time. 

Flavour profile SALTO ANGEL 47 %

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