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  • We have started the first public sale of the rums with the Rum Shark label
    Today, we have published the info for the purchase of the triple Belize collection and reached yet another of our goals – to sell Rum Sharks to the public. Once sold out, we will rest and then we are going to continue our work on the next fillings and future projects.
  • Rum Shark Series II for sale!
    Day S is here. Fans can finally order the Rum Shark Series II. Our effort is almost at the end.
  • Tasting Rum Shark Series II
    Almost at the end. The storehouses have unloaded the boxes and by now our degustation teams should be tasting the samples and impatiently lookout for the info about the RS2 sales in the e-mail.
  • Triple collection Belize is bottled!
    Bottled just in two days. The little delay did not have any consequences as we still don´t have the boxes. And on top of that, we have reached another small success. With your orders, you will get a small present – a Copita type glass with a Rum Shark logo.
  • The filling machine broke down during the Belize bottling
    You would never believe the story if it was told to you by someone. But here it is really happening – everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Thank Lord they fix the filling machine rather fast and because we are in no hurry for Belize we prefer to focus on finishing the RS2.
  • No paper, no boxes
    Unfortunately, the boxes are still not printed out – printers are short of paper and prioritize larger orders to Rum Shark. This is only a small obstacle right before the finish line and we will overcome this in few days. The effort we did put in for the past year will finally bring fruit.
  • Belize is on its way to be bottled
    We have some good news about our triple collection Belize – printers have finished the label prints and we can now start the bottling process and wait for the boxes as well.
  • Rum Shark Series II arrived to the tax depot
    Rums are at home, finally! Now just the duty stamps to be applied and we can relax over the Christmas time. The boxes are about to be printed and we can start the distribution.
  • Rum Shark Series II is going to be smaller than we thought
    RS2 has been sold already during September. But from the transport documents we have found out bitter news – the barrels were filled less than we estimated. Fewer bottles mean that some customers won´t be able to get as many sets as they ordered. Luckily, we have plenty of time to work out some other… Read More »Rum Shark Series II is going to be smaller than we thought
  • Rum Shark Series II have landed. On the wrong airport!
    Instead of Prague, our rums have been sent to Milano. At the first sight, it looks like a total failure of the sender, but when we looked closer to the causes, the whole situation started to make sense. The plane was loaded not only with our rums but also with the rums of one big… Read More »Rum Shark Series II have landed. On the wrong airport!
  • Rum Shark Series II coming soon to the Czech Republic
    The reports from Scotland about the wrong labels showed up to be an unpleasant misunderstanding. The bottles are already queuing for the gate and will soon depart to our homeland. Then, they will undergo a long bureaucratic and logistic journey, but all under our control.
  • Triple collection Belize is leaving the laboratory and is waiting for bottling
    The Caribbean is a different world compared to Europe. So when you receive a barrel from the Caribbean, you can never be so sure what exactly has arrived. With the rums from Belize, we were a bit doubtful of the alcohol content. Therefore we had it measured again even though it did cost us more… Read More »Triple collection Belize is leaving the laboratory and is waiting for bottling
  • Pre-Christmas Rum Shark II release in danger
    A worldwide shortage of all materials due to the pandemic is noticeable through the whole production cycle of the second and following collections of Rum Shark. Today, the rums are supposed to be bottled and ready to be sent, but they are not. We have no specific information why, however, we think the bottle tops… Read More »Pre-Christmas Rum Shark II release in danger
  • Our Rum Shark rums finally heading to you!
    After 9 long month Rum Shark rums are on their way to rum folks in Czech Republic. And we have our website. We would like to thank to all our fans and supporters. And we all are looking forvard to our next release.
  • Rums for the second filling are chosen
    This Friday, we have received 14 samples to choose from for our second bottling. We worked very hard the whole weekend to test all of them and today we have chosen four future Rum Shark rums.  Thank God we know now how to handle the transport and all those things around. So we should be… Read More »Rums for the second filling are chosen
  • First Rum Shark samples are on their way to you
    During this week, the samples of the first four Rum Sharks will reach a few of the chosen rum-enthusiasts. We cannot wait to hear their opinion and we hope that they will share our excitement with us. We do not want to jinx the release day for the bottles, so we should better not say.… Read More »First Rum Shark samples are on their way to you
  • Reaching the finish line!
    Finally! First Rum Sharks went through the customs procedures and tax labels were applied. Now they are waiting in UPB storehouse for the label application. Cone-shaped bottles make the label application impossible so each label has to be applied by hand.  We won´t stop now. The employees of UPB storehouse are very skillful and it… Read More »Reaching the finish line!
  • Sea creatures again
    For last ten days we have been considering all sorts of fish and other sea creatures and we were putting together final graphic design for the second bottling of the Rum Shark. We can slip a bit of secret out that we are keeping in the line with the first collection and are preparing no… Read More »Sea creatures again
  • Planning the second bottling
    We still don´t have the first rums, but they have been bottled and it is only a matter of time till we will be able to relocate the lot to our homeland. We are still not panicking and carry on with the hard work. We ordered more samples for the second bottling release.  It might… Read More »Planning the second bottling
  • When things go (not that) well
    A bit too little information about the truck full of our rum did not make us nervous as we assumed it must be stuck somewhere at the Czech borders around Christmas time.  Well, we should have been nervous. The entry to the Eurotunnel has turned into a huge truck parking space long before Christmas. The… Read More »When things go (not that) well
  • Plan B – January release
    Those who are well prepared are not surprised. Bottling has been delayed a bit and the truck has not managed to leave Scotland on time. Our plan to release the rum on the market before Christmas is gone. So you have something to look forward to till January.
  • Rum Shark Ltd. has been founded
    Registry Court has noted Rum Shark Ltd. into its registry. Finally, we are official! Nothing can stop us from introducing our rums to the market now.
  • Brexit won´t scare us, we are well prepared
    To avoid Brexit, we are planning to introduce the rums to the market before Christmas. To do that we have to be filling the bottles by 8th December and the rum loaded truck has to leave Scotland by 14th December. This shall give us plenty of time for the tax payment, tax strips application, and… Read More »Brexit won´t scare us, we are well prepared
  • New graphic is chosen
    The graphic designer UPIR has presented us with many different and very interesting designs during those few days. Through a discussion with the team, a new look for the boxes and bottle labels have been chosen, completely different from the previous one.  This time the graphics stay our secret till the end so we can… Read More »New graphic is chosen
  • We are changing the graphics
    A Rum Shark team has expressed an opinion that the graphics we have approved are not representative enough. So we have decided to show our bottle labels to about a hundred potential customers.  Frankly, the response has been rather lukewarm. We will give a shot to another graphic designer. Let´s hope we will all find… Read More »We are changing the graphics
  • The graphics of printables is being finished
    We have approved the final graphics for the boxes – from these, the appearance of the bottle labels will evolve. We can assure you, they look fabulous. But for now, we are keeping them to ourselves 😀  
  • Arrival of the D-day and we are finally choosing the rums
    We have met (most of us) in the headquarters of UPB to choose rums for our filling. 22 samples have provided a very colourful palette of rums from various corners of the Caribbean and to choose only 4 was not an easy job. We all have voted to our best consciousness and therefore we believe… Read More »Arrival of the D-day and we are finally choosing the rums
  • We have a logo!
    After eight days of intense brainstorming, we have finally managed to choose the best Rum Shark logo from the graphic craft shop of Jiří Novotný-Kuzma. 
  • Rum Shark is born
    The day when a revolution happened in the Czech rum community – Rum Shark project was born. A rum enthusiast and a collector Mr. Josef Janíček and a co-owner of UPB Mr. Jiří Rabel have organized cooperation on fully independent Czech rum bottler. They chose five experienced members of the rum community with no bonds… Read More »Rum Shark is born